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Whether on-site, over the phone, or through our online quotation form, you will get the best possible price for every furniture repair and delivery service you will request - GUARANTEED!

Our price quotation will be determined by how much stuff you have. That is to say that we will give a price quote by getting some information from you. We will need to have your contact information such as your name, your address, your mobile or telephone number, and your email address if possible.
After we have that information, we can provide an on-site estimate or we can give you a price over the phone. Please understand that a price quote over the telephone is usually a rough estimate. It may not necessarily be the price you pay. The exact price will be given after we have seen what you want us to deliver or moved.
This goes a long way to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts at the end of the move or delivery. Every effort will be made to make sure that you have an idea how much you will spend before we pick up so you do not get surprised at the end.
As a matter of fact, nobody has filed a claim against us. We try as much as we can to avoid damages. But sometimes, accidents do happen and we will try to rectify them by resolving it through our insurance process. You can ask us for details or pay the valuation charge fee after the pick up is made.
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